Welcome to Southfields Primary School

All children, staff and governors would like to welcome you to our school. Southfields Primary school is in the heart of Coventry in the Hillfields area. We provide a secure, stimulating and caring environment in which we give children the best possible start to thier education. From all over the world we celebrate the uniqueness of our school.

We hope this website will give you a flavour of the exciting and rewarding experience children have at Southfields. Should you wish to visit our school to see the excellent facilities for yourself, please do come and visit us - we would love to see you.

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School Open

Southfields Primary will be open tomorrow, Tuesday ...Read more

Latest Blog Updates

  • Southfields Primary knows how to ROCK!!
    We were so fortunate to have the ROCKband! come and perform for us. We learnt all about  different music styles and a brief history of modern music. A great treat for the whole school. Check out highlights below!

    As part of their science topic of Light, 6S learned how to use their knowledge of angles and reflection to create fantastic periscopes. They had great fun spying on other classes and classmates. Definitely preparation for our future James Bonds!!

  • Year 3: Measurement Madness!
    In Year 3, we have been learning to measure, compare, add and subtract: lengths (m/cm/mm); mass (kg/g); volume/capacity (l/ml) We have been learning  which appropriate units and tools to use for measuring. For Volume/Capacity we did a practical lessons on ‘making the perfect squash’ which involved getting the correct ratio...