A special visit from a mummy

Year 4 had a new mummy for the day….apologies to all the original mummies out there!

A word famous archeaoligist, known simply as ‘The Doctor’, came to get our help and to solve the mysteries of the mummies. We began witha quiz so the Doctor could see if we were worthy of the job……we passed with flying colours…of course! Then we had to make sure we could read heiroglyphics and decode secret messages. Of course we passed that test with flying colours too. After a quick game of Jackals and Hounds it was on to the main event.

We helped the Doctor to hook the brain out of our dead body and then remove all the vital organs for storing in the canopic jars. It  was all really exciting….maybe a bit bloodthirsty……but fun all the same!

Our dead body was then wrapped in bandages and then laid to rest in a specially prepared sarcophagus. We had done it…the body was safely on its way to the afterlife thanks to our help.

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