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Good Luck Year 6!


Fingers crossed for all of our Year 6 children this week. You have worked incredibly hard and we are so proud of each and every one of you. Just do your best…Good Luck and see you all for breakfast, which is clearly the best part of Sats week! Thanks for…

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Dol-Y-Moch Day 2


Well we had some weather today!! However, that did not stop us having another fantastic day with lots and lots of laughs. These are just some of our great photos Thanks for reading now keep sharing…

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Dol-Y-Moch Day 1


What an amazing day we have had. Between us we have visited some wonderful places from the beach to the top of a mountain. We are all having a great time and not too cold. Thanks for reading now keep sharing…

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As part of their science topic of Light, 6S learned how to use their knowledge of angles and reflection to create fantastic periscopes. They had great fun spying on other classes and classmates. Definitely preparation for our future James Bonds!! Thanks for reading now keep sharing…

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Potions Class

Wizards Brew (2)

Science Club had great fun making ‘OOZING, BUBBLING WIZARD’S BREW’ using supplies easily found in the home. Here’s what you need: a glass jar or cup, white vinegar, washing up liquid, food colouring, glitter, bicarbonate of soda, a stirrer and a tray to catch the ooze. Place your glass jar…

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Year 6 children evacuated!


Year 6 braved the ice and the cold to have a great day being evacuees at Holdenby House in Northamptonshire. The children experienced what it would have been like to have been evacuated to the countryside, learning about rationing, how to make do and mend and what to do in…

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Dragon Eyes


It has been a very cross-curricular few weeks for class 6B. In English, we have been writing stories based on a short film called ‘The Dragon Slayer’. We linked this with our Science topic ‘Light and Sight’ where we are studying eyes so in DT we used clay to create…

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WOW Science – Eye Dissection


This week Year 6 were given a rare and wonderful opportunity to dissect a sheep’s eye. In Science, they have been learning about the eye and light and how both work together to help us see. The children were absolutely fascinated and were able to identify and touch the parts…

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6B – Solar Fest


6B visited Warwick University’s Solar Fest event. They had a great time listening to academics discussing their research about the Sun and its solar energy. The children took part in several workshops and explored Warwick’s Solar Discovery Zone. Thanks for reading now keep sharing…

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Dol-Y-Moch: Day 3

What a fantastic last day. We started by running a mile around the centre and then had yet more amazing experiences. We have all had a wonderful time and are so proud of all the things we have achieved. We will remember it forever and would love to come back….

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Dol-Y-Moch: Day 2


Another great day, started in the very heavy rain and ended in sunshine. We all did different activities and had a fantastic day. We went in a mine, made dens, scrambled on rocks, saw jellyfish, made fire with a flint, went kayaking, fell in the water, climbed to to the…

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