WOW moments at home


Dear Reception parents. We would like to hear about any WOW and amazing moments that your children have at home. It could be a picture, a song , a special occasion or anything that you think has been a WOW moment at home. You will see a board with some…

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Our Stem week began with a spectacular assembly followed by workshops, showcasing irreversible/reversible changes and the amazing properties of different chemicals. Now, we are all busy doing our own investigations and look forward to sharing our findings and creations soon! Thanks for reading now keep sharing…

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Reception Superstars


This week our Reception Superstars are Michael, for making a wonderful clay hedgehog. Amenah, for becoming more confident with your talking in class. Iqbal,for listening really well in the classroom and the whole of Reception J and B for excellent behaviour on our trip to Coombe Abbey Park. We are…

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Having fun Outdoors


In Reception, we have been using our newly decorated and resourced outdoor area. The children have been using water, construction area,mud kitchen, counting steps and writing letters in our Writing area. We have had great fun and we look forward to using our Outdoor area throughout the year. Thanks for…

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Thank you all for all the food you brought in for our Harvest assembly. It is very much appreciated. This years Harvest will be donated to the Coventry Food Bank and it makes such a difference! So again, thank you and enjoy the Harvest assembly below! Thanks for reading now…

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