Happy Halloween from Year 4


We proved that learning is fun in Year 4 by having two days of fun packed activities on the theme of Halloween. First we found out about how Halloween started off as a pagan festival, before being adopted by the Christian religion. We found out how the traditions changed and developed over the years as it spread across the world.

A tradition of carving out the inside of pumpkins and placing lights inside them became established and so we all had the chance to do this for ourselves. We then used the insides to make pumpkin soup and pies, as well as roasting some pumpkin seeds to munch our way through. Of course, we used pumpkins as a theme for our Maths work too!

We ended the day by going into the yurt to eat our food and listen to spooky stories.IMG_0673IMG_0806IMG_0678IMG_0669IMG_0520IMG_0517IMG_0514IMG_0125IMG_0124IMG_0122IMG_0810IMG_0801

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