WOW moments at home


Dear Reception parents. We would like to hear about any WOW and amazing moments that your children have at home. It could be a picture, a song , a special occasion or anything that you think has been a WOW moment at home. You will see a board with some…

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Year 6: Visit a Synagogue


Year 6 have been studying Judaism as part of their RE Curriculum. We were lucky to be able to visit a local Synagogue. It was a great way to reinforce what the children had already been learning. As usual, the children were great and extremely interested throughout the visit. Check…

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Our Stem week began with a spectacular assembly followed by workshops, showcasing irreversible/reversible changes and the amazing properties of different chemicals. Now, we are all busy doing our own investigations and look forward to sharing our findings and creations soon! Thanks for reading now keep sharing…

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Year 3 Roman Day!


We had a fun day learning about the Roaring Romans, we practiced marching around the school and even ate like the Romans, we tried honey-bread, olives and dates. Here are some pictures of our day. Thanks for reading now keep sharing…

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Islam Day in Year 3


Year 3 have been learning all about Islam.  Children shared their personal experiences and enjoyed their visit to a local Mosque, where they found many similarities with other faiths. They also had fun getting dressed into their special clothes and trying lots of tasty food! Thanks for reading now keep sharing…

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Ancient Egyptian investigations


Year 4 have been investigating the life and times of the Ancient Egyptians. We wrote our names in hieroglyphics and we pretended to be archaeologists digging through the sand to find clues. Also, we made a Fava Bean Chilli just like the Egyptians used to eat. It was tasty! Thanks…

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Fire! Fire! Fire!


On  Monday 17th October 2016 year 4 were visited by the West Midlands Fire Service. They spoke to us about checking our fire alarms on a weekly basis and talked about how to safely exit our homes in a fire. We even saw a video of how quickly a fire can…

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