S.T.E.M Week 2018

It’s been an amazing STEM Week at Southfields Primary! As part of the week, all year groups took part in their own STEM activities.

  • Year 6 explored the DysonPC39 model vacuum cleaner and looked at the engineering involved and the roles of engineers at Dyson, then designed their own vacuum cleaners of the future.
  • Year 5 tested which material was the most suitable for nappies designed for astronauts (who work for long periods in their space suits).
  • Year 4 explored Mini-beasts as part of STEM Week. We looked at the features and classification of various bugs. We also looked at habitats, such as bug hotels. To finish of the week we explored using AR to bring bugs to life, to further extend our research on them.
  • Year 3 have been studying parts of plants and how water travels through plants. We also used chromatography to separate the pigments in our felt tips.
  • Year 2 have been looking at different habitats and how different animals live. We created our very own habitats. We have also been looking at vehicles and designed, built and tested our very own cars.
  • Reception looked at Biology, Mathematics and Physics. For Biology, we looked at ourselves and how to keep our bodies healthy. We also looked at plants and how they absorb nurtrients. For Physics we looked at density of objects and if they would ‘float or sink’. Finally, for Mathematics we explored different dimensional shapes and objects.

On the final day of STEM week, all years had an opportunity to present their STEM activities they had been doing in our ‘ Science fair’. We were so very lucky to have the amazing scientist Nick from University of Warwick, come and not only give us an amazing demonstration in the assembly but he did a science workshop with the children. Check out some of the photos from a very productive and fun week below!



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