Pupil Premium Statement

 The Pupil Premium is an allocation of additional funding provided to schools to support specific groups of children who are vulnerable to underachievement.  These children are classified as disadvantaged, meaning that due to family financial circumstances they are eligible to take up free school meal provision, or they are children looked after by the authority.

The funding received by Southfields Primary School has been used in a variety of ways in order to improve attainment and help overcome barriers to learning.

 Brief Explanation about the Pupil Premium

The school has received £233,640 for the 2017-2018 financial year in pupil premium to raise attainment and provide enrichment among pupils classified as disadvantaged. The funding is provided to ensure that the pupils benefit from the same educational opportunities as pupils from wealthier families.

 Allocation Details: £233,640

Number of children funded: 177

Pupil Premium was of benefit to all pupils on roll at the school: 405

How Pupil Premium has been spent



 Teaching and Learning Interventions

Intervention team established to work alongside class teachers and TAs.

Teaching assistant costs

Focus on raising attainment, in English speaking, listening, reading and writing of underachieving children

Employment of an extra teacher in Year 5 & 6 for 1 day a week to ensure smaller group sizes.

Teacher salary 1 day a week.

Upper Key Stage 2 are able to target children for intervention through smaller group working across the year groups. This has resulted in targeted intervention where appropriate and helped to ensure good levels of progress for all. 

Speech and language assistant, speech and language therapist and psychologist.

Funding for S&L assistant & S&L therapist 1 day a week and Psychologist 1 day a week.

Children regularly assessed for S&L difficulties, staff trained in school, appropriate, relevant and timely work has raised attainment. Psychologist works with identified children and families to assess underlying issues. 

Subsidised Educational Visits

Part fund venue and travel costs

Enable all children to benefit from learning outside the classroom.

Early Birds Before School Club

Part fund Early Birds club, staffing

Allows parents to attend interviews and find work. Opportunity for children to complete homework and use ICT for studies.

Employment of family workers to enhance our Learning Mentor team

Funding for 2 family workers

Family workers to work as part of the intervention team and learning mentor team to work with identified families to help in the home and at school. Prevent issues before they start.


We spent the pupil premium last year on broadly the same as outlined here. The family workers have become an integral part of the school and have had a great impact on the support offered to our most vulnerable families. Parental involvement throughout the school has increased as a result of this intervention, although we are still targeting this as a development point for the school.  

It is simplistic to suggest there is an easy way to measure impact as academic scores are only one part of a child’s progress. Here at Southfields we are proud to measure impact in a variety of measures. The children are always happy to attend school and are confident in all situations they face in and out of school, visitors and people outside of school are always very complimentary about the children. Parent surveys show a very high level of satisfaction with the school and comment on the social skills their children have acquired.

Our attendance is above average for similar schools and our behavior remains consistently outstanding. Children access a very wide range of activities from music through to residential visits. Cost is never a reason for non-attendance. 

 Our end of KS2 trend data confirms that we are very near or above the national average, achievement remains high with all pupil premium children making good  levels of progress in Reading and Maths (higher than the national average) Our in school data shows that the school has continued to improve for all children in the school , regardless of their financial or social background. This progress measure is a clear indication that strategies are working. Coupled with the children’s positive experience of life at Southfields, we are confident that all children achieve their best and have an all-round excellent education.