Latest news and events from Year 3-4

Year 4: Tudors at Holdenby House

Year 4 had a wonderful visit to Holdenby House to experience life as Tudors. We learned about herbs and medicines, played Tudor games and most importantly, how to defend our royals. Check out some of the fabulous photos from the day below!

Year 3A: Easter Egg Hunts!

In 3A we got into the full spirit of Easter by completing an Easter Egg hunt in French and then using our English lessons to write instructions for our own Easter Egg hunts. We had so much fun and had lots of yummy chocolate as prizes!

Year 4: Spring Kennings

Year 4B spent today’s Literacy lesson learning about Kennings. In the space of half an hour they created their own kenning poem and performed it to the class – make room for the new poets on the block!

Year 4S: Haka Challenge!

During our PE lessons Year 4S have been learning about different countries/cultures dances. We have been learning about the haka. We then went on to make our own hakas.

Morning Of Music 2019

An amazing performance by Year 1 & 3 today! You all sang beautifully and we are all very proud. The children will also be performing in front of other schools in two weeks. Thank you to all the wonderful staff who helped. Check out the assembly below!

Year 3’s Volcanoes!

In year 3, we have been learning about the Earth’s layers, Tectonic plates, Volcanoes and Earthquakes. Our interest in volcanoes lead us to use our creative skills to make our own volcanoes! We were super geologists when observing our volcanic eruptions too!

Year 3OR: Our Toy Adverts!

In Year 3OR, we have been looking at Adverts and the use of persuasive language. The children have produced some amazing adverts for their favorite toys. Check out the children’s adverts below. Such a great first attempt made by them all!