Leonard The Library Lizard: Strictly come reading is back!

Hi folks,

Time to dust off those glad rags and polish our sparkly glitter ball.

Strictly come reading is back!

Every year we take part in the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards, helping to decide what is the best new fiction for the year.  On Friday, 24 lucky children received a special invitation to join our reading panel and to help judge the books.  There are 3 different categories, What’s the Story? (for children 4-7), Telling Tales (for children 7-9) and Hooked on Books (for children 9-13).  We are all busy reading these books so that we can decide on our favourites that we are going to vote on in an exciting vote-off which will start in January.  I can’t wait!

This week I have been reading all the books in the What’s the Story? Category. 

I have been enjoying them so much that I have almost forgotten to eat!  Good job Ten Fat Sausages reminded me of those juicy flies I had stored away!   I once had a snake friend just like Otis in Anna and Otis – we had some great adventures that I might tell you about some time!  Would you like to have a snake as a best friend?

Anyway, I’m going to read them ALL again, remember to keep reading!