Leonard the Library Lizard – Visit your local Library!

Hi guys, 

Just a reminder that if you enjoy borrowing books from my library, but, like me, just can’t get enough of reading, remember that you can join your local library.  They are all over the city, including in the city centre and they are just FULL OF BOOKS. 

Most importantly, you can borrow up to 20 books at one time and it does not cost you a penny!  Yes, it’s FREE!  You can also borrow audio books and even e-books – just perfect to listen to when you’re dropping off to sleep. 

Find your nearest library as well as how to join here:   https://www.coventry.gov.uk/aboutcovlibraries 

Make sure you tell me if you read a good book and we might be able to get it for our school library for other children to enjoy. 

Reception love reading and they went to Hillfields Library. They had a great time reading all the books available.  

Keep reading! 
– Leonard The Library Lizard