Leonard The Library Lizard

Hi I’m Leonard and I live in Southfields’ Library. I love living there: it’s warm and there is a nice, soft rug to curl up on.  During the day I like to do the usual lizard thing of just sitting still waiting for a big, juicy fly to land in front of me.

I am so well camouflaged that you may not have spotted me! That’s a trick that my dad taught me! It’s the night times that I love though, when the school is quiet and deserted. Me and my friends then wake up and boy, do we have fun!

My favourite place is still the library. I love books – I love them more than anything else in the whole wide world. The last book I read was about computers and I learned all about ‘blogging’. That’s when I realised what I could do; I could write a blog about the amazing books that we have in our library then you might be able to read them too. If you’ve read a good book, then tell me about it and I’ll try and find it to read as well. Maybe your recommendation will end up on my blog as well!

Happy reading everyone!

Click on the magical book to see the latest Bedtime Story for Leonard!


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