Maths Week England Rock Out 2020, has been Southfields biggest TTRS competition yet! Last week, the pupils enjoyed competing against other schools in England and it was fantastic to see their enthusiasm and competitive spirit!

The Results

A total of 3887 schools, 31 039 classes, 433 924 pupils took part and answered a total of 441.93 million questions correctly. We finished in the top 100 schools in England, 92nd place – an absolutely fantastic achievement for our very first national competition!!!!!

A huge congratulations to Class 6OH, who were the top earning class in the school – Miss Ortega was very proud of you!

It was a great team effort by all the pupils in school, but a special mention needs to go to Dilan, Tyrell, Andrei and Fathima in Class 6OH, Elyas and Lidia in Class 6B, Charan in Class 5B, Abhirram and Bangmarigu in Class 4D and Hitansh in Class 3S. These children were the school’s top ten earners. SUPERSTARS!

Keep rocking Southfields and lets see how we do in the next competition!

(Fiona Sanchez A.K.A Mrs Boyd)