National Child Measurement Programme for Reception & Year 6

Every year in England, school children in Reception and Year 6 have their height and weight
checked at school as part of the National Child Measurement Programme. Since lockdown
commenced in March 2020 statistics show that children who were already struggling with
their weight have been eating and sleeping more during this enforced period and exercising
much less when compared to their routines a year ago. The harmful effects that lockdown
has had on children demonstrates the essential role this initiative achieves.
Height and weight measurements are used to calculate weight status. We collect this
information because it is in the public interest to understand how many children are
overweight; healthy weight or underweight. Your child’s class will take part in this year’s
The checks are carried out by registered school nurses or trained health care professionals.
Children are measured fully clothed, except for their coats and shoes, in a private space
away from other pupils.