Pastoral Support: Clothing Collection!

We will be doing a clothing collection on Thursday 3rd October so all parents and staff if you are looking at having a clear out over the summer holidays we WANT IT . We will be giving out bags/leaflets when we return in September. Rags to Riches will pay us 50p per kilo which we will use to buy metal little people to put in the road at peak times and reduce unsafe parking.

What we want

*Adult or children’s clothes

*Paired shoes or footwear

*Soft Toys and unwanted gifts

*Bath and hand towels

*Belts and handbags

*Jewelry and Accessories

*Bedding and household linen

What we don’t want

*School uniform

*Curtains,pillows or duvets

*School sports kit

*Bric a brac and books

*Everything needs to be clean (look at it this way if you wont wear it,why should someone else.) The clothing gets sent to countries all over the world to help out communities less fortunate than ourselves.


Thank you!