Pastoral Support: HUGE collection of clothes donated for RAGS 2 RICHES 4 SCHOOLS

The Pastoral Team also want to thank EVERYONE for the HUGE collection of clothes which were donated for RAGS 2 RICHES 4 SCHOOLS and as a result we have raised £251 for our school which will be used to buy children shaped Parking Signs to support our campaign for safer parking and safer driving outside the school.

What happens to the clothes you donated?

As soon as Rags to Riches 4 Schools receive your bags of old clothes, they are all stacked together to be shipped to various developing world countries. Your clothes are recycled to be reused by the less fortunate via the market traders. This way they have the opportunity to buy and wear clothing, which might not have been possible without your help.

You won’t get a better feeling than knowing you not only raised funds, but also helped the economy, environment, and put a smile on somebody’s face on the other side of the world – And all you had to do was donate some clothes.