PE, Sport and Physical Activity in KS1 & 2 – Autumn Term

PE, Sport and Physical Activity in KS1 by Mr Rogers

Autumn 2020

In Year 1, Mr Adderley and the class teachers have been so impressed with the children’s teamwork. They have balanced on bridges, worked on their racket and ball skills and danced with imagination, grace and joy to Christmas songs this term.

I will be keeping an eye on Year 2 and expect massive things from them after they revealed to me their natural ability as sports leaders. At times it was like having 30 mini teachers leading the lessons. I have learnt so much from them about being accepting, kind and supportive. Their focus and spirit led to some impressive scores in the School Games Agility competition and beautifully choreographed Dinosaur and Danish folk dance routines.

PE, Sport and Physical Activity in Year 3 and 4 by Mr Rogers

Autumn 2020

What a long, strange and, dare I say, successful term it has been! After months of lockdown and struggling to stay active, the children returned in September ready and raring to go. There have been so many highlights it’s difficult to find space for them all on one blog post.

I am in awe of Year 3’s resilience and determination. Covid has forced Year 3 outdoors for all PE lessons, whatever the conditions out there. We started the year cold, wet and grumpy and struggling to focus on our lessons. We have learnt and all agree that preparation and CLOTHES are key to successful outdoor PE. Now we are warmer, drier and so, so delighted to be out there every week learning to respect ourselves and each other as we improve our teamwork and persevere to solve challenges.

Flexible Year 4 have taken advantage of the weather when its good and helped each other to improve their personal best in Athletics, in preparation for the School Games Pentathlon competition. When the weather has taken a turn for the worse, we’ve dived inside and kept building on our epic Physical Science Education lessons – learning the water cycle by bringing it to life with our bodies in the form of dance. A special mention must be made for Siyana winning the School Games Self-belief award, as I’ve posted separately.

PE, Sport and Physical Activity in Year 5 and 6 by Mr Rogers

Autumn 2020

Muddy football, muddy ultimate and muddy athletics have been the order of business in Year 5 and 6 PE. The challenge of keeping the school building clean as been real this term. Gradually, we are realising that a spare pair of shoes makes this so much easier. Year 5 and 6 ended the term with a visit to Coventry Glides at the beautiful cathedral ruins for ice skating! We had nerves, excitement, falls, injuries, paramedic visits, smiles, joy and laughter, lots and lots of laughter. I am so proud of every single child in so many different ways! My over-riding memory will be of such strength of character and determination shown by all.