Rags 2 Riches – We are holding a clothes collection on May 5th



We are holding a clothes collection on May 5th in school. We want all your old clothes which will be weighed and shipped to places like Africa and Eastern Europe to be sold on Market Stalls by people to support their families.

We need                                                                                        We don’t need                                                                                                                            

Adults and Children’s clothing                                                 School Uniform

Paired shoes and Boots                                                             School sports kit

Soft toys                                                                                        Curtains

Bath and Hand Towels                                                               Duvets and pillows

Belts and Handbags                                                                    Bric-a-brac and Books

Jewellery and Accessories

Sheets and Duvet Covers  

Stop and Think is it clean and dry and something you would wear again or pass on to a friend

if not then we don’t want it.

Please use bin bags and leave outside the Community room door opposite year 2 classroom.

If you are going to have a clear out over the holiday then PLEASE save it for school.

We get 40p per kg which is excellent, and we are going to look at buying some more road safety figures to put outside the school to remind parents not to park there.

Thanks in Advance