Minimising Risk in School


As a school we must minimise risk and put in control measures to ensure the safety of children and staff. Coronavirus can be transmitted on objects, materials and fabrics therefore to minimise the risk of spreading the virus from home to school and vice versa we do not need backpacks or other bags in school.  This also ensures that children are not bringing in objects from home. We want to limit the amount of equipment the children bring into school each day. All children have been given a plastic ‘school bag’ for their reading book. Packed lunches ideally should be in a proper lunch box which can be washed daily at home.


As part of our school’s risk assessment in order to minimise risk to both adults and children the children will not change for PE. Each class will have an allocated PE day and will come into school wearing their PE kit. This will give parents an opportunity to wash uniforms. It will minimise the risk of contact between children as they change, minimise the risk of children losing uniform items and picking up other children’s clothing items and stop the need to bring bags into school from home. PE lessons will be outside and therefore if and when the weather gets cooler the children can wear dark coloured track suit bottoms/leggings. They will also need to wear trainers.  All children will receive a newsletter from their class teacher which will inform you of your child’s PE day.

These changes are for the health and safety of your children and the school staff. Thank you for your understanding.