School Games Self-Belief Award ?

I want to take you back in time…

The words lockdown, Coronavirus and isolation were unknown or unused by many of us. We could hug our friends, spend time with our relatives and not cover our faces in public. On a playground, in a school in Coventry a girl in Year 3 was playing with her friends. She tripped and landed face down on the concrete. There were tears, a lot of blood and hours in hospital. The young girl returned to school with terrible cuts on her face. The thought of running freely on the playground again brought her fear and anxiety.

However, she kept going. She watched her friends and believed that there could be a time in the future where she would forget her accident and run without fear again.

Let’s jump forward in time to Christmas 2020. The same girl is now in Year 4 and sits in class after just receiving her School Games Self-Belief Award for recording the fastest shuttle run speed in the whole of Southfields Primary School! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I give you Siyana.

Year 4 have been learning about resilience and pushing through challenges. We’ve also talked a lot about famous sporting heroes in PE and during Black History Month. All that time we had a hero in our midst. Siyana we are all so proud of you!

Mr Rogers