Home Learning for schools is changing and we at Southfields have been working hard to set everything up for our children to continue with their learning online. In these times of Covid-19 we must be prepared for all eventualities and the possibility that schools may be partially closed at some time. It is therefore a high priority that the children’s learning continues at home and is of high quality. Our online learning will relate directly to what we are studying at school.

At Southfields Primary, we provide various online resources to support all aspects of learning, which children and families can use free of cost at home! These guides has been created to ensure all children can access any home learning sent home from Southfields Primary School and in the event of children having to isolate at home, the guide will allow them to continue learning online.
There is an expectation that parents will ensure that their child is completing their allocated learning in the time frame given by teachers.

We use Purple Mash in Year 1 – Year 6 and Mini Mash in Reception to set Home learning. Teachers set this on a weekly basis based on the current learning in school and all pupils have been trained to use Purple Mash/Mini Mash. To access Purple Mash, click on the Purple Mash button on the bottom of the website. To access Mini Mash, click on the Mini Mash button on the bottom of the website. All pupils at school have login details at the back of their Home Reading Journals. These Login details can also be emailed to you by contacting: enquiries@southfields.coventry.sch.uk when requested.

We also have our own VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). On our VLE we provide lots of extra resources to help with Home learning. The Class pages contain all our home access resources and provide lots of external links, activities and media for the children to use. Login details can be found at the back of their Home Reading Journals.

Reception Home Learning
Year 1 - Year 6 Home Learning