Southfields: Physical Education at Home!

At Southfields, our Primary P.E. curriculum is broad and varied. We offer a mix of gymnastics, dance, team sports, athletics, swimming, outdoor adventurous activities. Driving all of these are our fundamental movement skill progression – agility, balance and coordination. Our aim is to help our children to develop the physical and emotional skills needed to lead a healthy lifestyle.

This is particularly important during this difficult time when it is vital that you stay active. We have a lot of resources and links below to help with this. Have a look around and choose one that makes you happy.

You all remember times we have created games together – now is your chance to do this at home. Play Pirates, Castles or Bike rides and make up different moves/balances to go with an instruction. There are so many things you can use as equipment, here’s a few but there are loads more:

  • Rolled up socks – play boccia, target practice, catch or keepy ups.
  • Roll a small ball of tin foil/cling film and 2 books = table tennis on the dining table or floor
  • Toilet roll or kitchen towel tubes – stick them together to make a hockey stick and play hockey in the hallway (rolled socks as a ball).

I will pick an activity card each week for you to focus on. These will be on your weekly homework on your class page. Please give them a go.

Ask your parents to follow @southfieldsPE on Twitter for more ideas or to ask me any questions.

I really miss seeing your smiles and being there for you to show me your latest trick, skill or improvement. Make a list of things you want to show me and we’ll have show and tell when school re-opens.

Thank you and stay safe.

Mr Rogers.