Christmas Around the World! 🗺

Christmas around the world At Southfields school, each year group has chosen a different country to share how they celebrate Christmas and have found out lots of exciting and interesting facts. Our pupils have put together videos to share with you how the country they have chosen celebrates Christmas. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/pS00C24ztVshttps://youtu.be/t0T8BoVU050https://youtu.be/3HTgoqHVrokhttps://youtu.be/66ieD-eTJ80https://youtu.be/AGY2AgfhAa4https://youtu.be/E3ztm7_bYxIhttps://youtu.be/q9_hDy7ds6E


Wow…what an amazing week it has been! DOAM stands for Drama, Outdoor, Art, Music. The whole school dedicated time to teach lessons based on DOAM and they have produce some amazing work! We have so many talented and creative children (and staff) at Southfields Primary! Check out just some of the amazing work produced this …

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