Year 2

Christmas Around the World! 🗺

Christmas around the world At Southfields school, each year group has chosen a different country to share how they celebrate Christmas and have found out lots of exciting and interesting facts. Our pupils have put together videos to share with you how the country they have chosen celebrates Christmas. Enjoy!

Year 2: What’s a Gruffalo?

Year 2 have been reading the story of ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson. We have been using clay to make our favourite characters from the story. We are very proud of our work. Check them out below!

Year 2: Coding!

Year 2 have been working with Mr Adams on the ipads. They have been learning all about Algorithms and coding using the wonderful programme ‘Scratch Jr‘. They wrote algorithms to help make their characters move and make sounds. Great work Year 2!