year 4

Christmas Around the World! 🗺

Christmas around the world At Southfields school, each year group has chosen a different country to share how they celebrate Christmas and have found out lots of exciting and interesting facts. Our pupils have put together videos to share with you how the country they have chosen celebrates Christmas. Enjoy!

Year 4B – Internet Safety Assembly

A fantastic assembly by Year 4B in Internet Safety and how to stay safe online. It was great to see how informative the children were and how well informed they are on keeping themselves safe. We have an Online Safety page that helps Parents/Carers keep their children safe online. Check out the assembly below!

Year 3 & 4: Christmas Crafts

What a fantastic time we had on Friday morning and Monday morning in Year 3 & 4! We had Christmas craft sessions for both mornings and what a joyful time we all had!  Check out some photos from the day below!

Year 3 & 4 Fun day

To celebrate a fantastic year for all the children in Year 3 & 4, we had a morning full of fun activities and included ‘Get the teachers!’ Wet sponge fight. Well done to all of Year 3 & 4. Enjoy some of the photos from the morning below!