We Are Growing

This half-term in Reception we are learning about growth.
We learned about germination and what a seed needs in order to grow. We planted our own seeds and observed how they grow with the help of water, light and warmth.
In our classroom we are growing a kind manners tree the helps us make good decisions .
We looked at the different parts of a plant and learned their names and purpose. We also, went on a nature walk to War Memorial Park where we saw lots of signs of Spring and growing plants and mini beasts.
New visitors (tadpoles) arrived in our classroom and we are enjoying looking after them and observing how they are changing into frogs.
The Spring Cafe is opened for business and we are having great fun cooking delicious treats.
We have been looking at animals and mini beasts that help the Planet and the plants to grow. Our favourite are the bumblebees and we enjoy playing in our own classroom beehive.

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